Current and upcoming changes

As some of you have noticed there are certain fixes that we can make without any patches (live changes), but there are others that require a client-side fix that needs to be downloaded. We have identified the following issues and are working on a client patch to resolve them:

- The final boss in the Heart of Rage stronghold isn’t appearing if the group wipes before engaging

- HDR is currently disabled on consoles (Xbox One and PS4)

- Some players are encountering issues that are causing them to crash

While the team continues to work on the above fixes they were able to address some of the live issues that have been reported:

Coin changes for Daily/Weekly
We have fixed an issue that displayed and rewarded the incorrect amount of Coin from various activities

Stronghold Matchmaking
We have extended the timer that allows for matchmaking in a stronghold. This should allow groups to fill easier when matchmaking

Non-stop Rain
We have fixed an issue that was causing it to rain in game more than intended

Fusion Proc Bonuses on Weapons
Weapons were incorrectly applying infusion proc/bonuses from being equipped when they should only have been applying bonuses from the weapon that was in the active slot

Chests found in Missions changes
Chests found in missions now have less of a chance to drop higher tiered items

Emotes Not Properly Saving
We have fixed the issue that was causing emotes not to save properly when bound

Shield Fix
We corrected an issue that was allowing players who still have shields active to be one shot by high damaging attacks

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    Kev (Wednesday, 27 February 2019 03:31)

    The faction trophy I have 3000 but have not received the trophy