Freelancer Chat Ep. 5: Hope for the Future After a Rocky Start

Today we're looking at the roadmap going forward as Anthem comes out of a critical opening launch week. Destin, Arekkz, and Dantics dive in.

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    Colin Hoeg (Wednesday, 27 February 2019 01:43)

    Honestly this game is phenomenal. I understand the initial realease doesnt have a lot of cobtent ..but if the long term plan for anthem works this might be MY gamr of the year .Everything ive experienced on the game is flawless ..keep it up bio-ware!

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    Aidan Johnston (Wednesday, 27 February 2019 18:34)

    I have not had this much fun playing a game in a long time! I do wish you could mark locations in free Play. I also suggest bioware adds a collections menu. Anthem is a fun game though! I do prefer that they extended the content over a period of time! The roadmap looks promising!Great job bioware , keep it up!!!