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The stream yesterday showcased the new Cataclysm region and they explained how the event will work and what rewards will be available.

The Cataclysm will be a time limited event for 8 weeks, with 2 weeks of pre-events with new story missions and cinematics.

It will include a completely new map/region with arenas to solve puzzles and kill enemies to score points. You have a time limit which can be extended by completing arenas and killing the final boss Vara will double your points. 

Points can be increased with higher multipliers and you gain a new currency to buy rewards from a vendor in Fort Tarsis.

There will be new story missions with cinematics in the two weeks before the Cataclysm event.

Inversions are new modifiers like gaining ultimate much faster, increasing damage for shotguns or other weapon types, increasing elemental damage etc.

The new melee slot does not give you new weapons like a hammer or sword but they modify the existing attack and should give the option to use a primer or detonator for every Javelin. Right now the Ranger is the only class with a primer as melee attack and you can change it to a detonator with this new item.


And we will finally get the masterwork and legendary support gear!

You can watch the entire stream below:

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