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From BioWare · 20. February 2019
Patchnotes for the upcoming Day One Patch on Feb. 22nd.
App Updates · 19. February 2019
✔️ There's a known issue with comments and the custom website where you can't enter text in input fields properly. I'm working on a hotfix which should be available later today. Just submitted the hotfix to Google Play. It should be available soon. v1.3.1.0 - temporarily disabled landscape mode to fix an issue with input fields and forms (comments and custom website)
App Updates · 19. February 2019
We added translations for News, Guides, Cortex (Lore) and LFG (Looking for Group) for English, German, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. It's not perfect and we are still looking for a better way to implement it, but we hope it will help our foreign speaking users. Future updates will add new translations for the UI.

From BioWare · 05. February 2019
by Chad Robertson, Head of Live Service Greetings to our Anthem Community! I’m thrilled to share that our public demo weekend exceeded our expectations. Operationally, things were super smooth – our war rooms were tranquil this weekend, which is exactly how we like them. Most importantly, your response was again overwhelmingly positive. We had more than 40M hours of play in the game across our two demo weekends. That’s incredible! We hope you all enjoyed the small taste of what’s to...

From BioWare · 02. February 2019
An update from BioWare.
From BioWare · 28. January 2019
It was an eventful VIP Demo weekend for BioWare. As I shared on Saturday, it started rocky, but we stabilized that afternoon and maintained it until we turned servers off Sunday evening. We learned a ton about our game, our service, and you, our community. We’re working hard to ensure everyone can enjoy the game exactly as we’ve designed it.

App Updates · 23. January 2019
Test new features and give feedback.
From BioWare · 23. January 2019
Read the latest update from @CaseyDHudson

App Updates · 22. January 2019
Take a look at what's new: Lore, Guides, LFG, Media.

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