Events · 04. September 2019
Changes for this week:

Events · 13. August 2019
Here are the changes and new items for week 2 of the Cataclysm.

Events · 19. July 2019
It seems like the Cataclysm pre-event has finally started. Three new challenges are available in Free Play.

Events · 31. May 2019
The event to kill 3 named Scar is back but now you get a reward for completing it again! First completion: 1 Decal All future completions: - 45 metal componenrs - 45 plant components - 15 masterwork embers

Events · 25. April 2019
A new live event is available now! You can track it in the new "Live-Events" category under challenges.

Events · 13. March 2019
A new Free Play event called "Beasts of the Field" is available now.
Events · 09. March 2019
The event called "There be Giants" is back again. It spawns named Titans in Free Play and your objective is to kill them to get a reward. You can track your progress in Challenges > Combat > There be Giants. The reward is an orange vinyl for your Javelins.