Freelancer Chat

Freelancer Chat · 19. March 2019
Anthem has been available for one month. Here's the current state of the game and what's good, bad, and dire.
Freelancer Chat · 06. March 2019
Description: This week there was a controversial ban of streamer xGladd that has a lot of people talking, but we also discuss our end game builds and Travis Day from Diablo 3 fame joins to talk about loot!
Freelancer Chat · 25. February 2019
Today we're looking at the roadmap going forward as Anthem comes out of a critical opening launch week. Destin, Arekkz, and Dantics dive in.
Freelancer Chat · 18. February 2019
Destin, Dantics, and Arekkz talk about their impressions of the full game that they've been playing on PC!
Freelancer Chat · 12. February 2019
Destin, Dantics, and Arekkz talk about what to expect when the full game hits in 5 days! Watch live 11am Sundays at
Freelancer Chat · 05. February 2019
Impressions of "Temple of the Scar", what Endgame holds in store and whether or not PvP will make a difference.
Freelancer Chat · 29. January 2019
Arekkz and Datto join Destin to discuss the latest about Anthem.

Freelancer Chat · 28. January 2019
Arekkz, Dantics, and Destin sit down to discuss Anthem's strongest gameplay mechanics so far and what the future holds.