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From BioWare · 17. April 2019
Update: Stream starts on Tuesday, 23rd. BioWare is hosting an Anthem studio livestream today to show you the newest Stronghold called The Sunken Cell + a couple more details about the next Game Update. Where: When: 1pm PDT, 4pm EDT, 8pm GMT, 9pm CET

From BioWare · 19. March 2019
Join @Darokaz and a special guest this Wednesday at 1PM PT/3PM CT as they show some new content and talk about the next update coming to #AnthemGame. Tune in and watch here: or
From BioWare · 15. March 2019
BioWare made sone changes to improve droprates for Masterworks and Legendaries.
From BioWare · 09. March 2019
Jesse from Bioware postet the patch notes of the 1.0.3 update and it's coming today!
From BioWare · 06. March 2019
There will be a new developer stream at 1PM PT/3PM CT. Tune in to the Anthem livestream as @BenIrvo discusses the next update while playing through a Legendary Mission. Watch on: or
From BioWare · 28. February 2019
Ben Irving shared details about the upcoming loot changes on Feb. 28 / March 1st. The loot changes are live now!
From BioWare · 23. February 2019
A small patch to fix sone issues and possible exploits is coming at 7am Central Time (14:00 CET) today.
From BioWare · 23. February 2019
by Chad Robertson, Head of Live Service
From BioWare · 23. February 2019
As some of you have noticed there are certain fixes that we can make without any patches (live changes), but there are others that require a client-side fix that needs to be downloaded. We have identified the following issues and are working on a client patch to resolve them: - The final boss in the Heart of Rage stronghold isn’t appearing if the group wipes before engaging - HDR is currently disabled on consoles (Xbox One and PS4) - Some players are encountering issues that are causing them...
From BioWare · 21. February 2019
The game releases on Feb. 22 at 12am / midnight in each timezone.

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