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From BioWare · 21. February 2019
The game releases on Feb. 22 at 12am / midnight in each timezone.
From BioWare · 20. February 2019
Patchnotes for the upcoming Day One Patch on Feb. 22nd.
From BioWare · 20. February 2019
There will be a new dev stream today at 3pm Central Time. Topics are the Day-One Patch and content coming next month.
From BioWare · 14. February 2019
From Neill Blomkamp, Oats Studios and BioWare comes a live-action story of survival set in the world of Anthem, decades before the events of the game.
From BioWare · 14. February 2019
Head of Live Service Chad Robertson joins Lead Producer Ben Irving to play as the Colossus. Plus, they discuss what the Anthem team learned from the Anthem Demos and upcoming fixes for Early Access.
From BioWare · 14. February 2019
In the first episode of Suiting Up, IGN takes a deep dive into the origins of Anthem with the developers from Bioware.

From BioWare · 06. February 2019
Continuing the series, this gameplay video showcases your first story in Anthem, along with javelin personalization and a look at the expanding world of Anthem and its endgame content. Game Director Jonathan Warner walks you through some of the contracts, Strongholds, and endgame content that will constantly offer new challenges for you to test your skills against.
From BioWare · 05. February 2019
by Chad Robertson, Head of Live Service Greetings to our Anthem Community! I’m thrilled to share that our public demo weekend exceeded our expectations. Operationally, things were super smooth – our war rooms were tranquil this weekend, which is exactly how we like them. Most importantly, your response was again overwhelmingly positive. We had more than 40M hours of play in the game across our two demo weekends. That’s incredible! We hope you all enjoyed the small taste of what’s to...

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