General · 18. February 2019
Once you complete the campaign in Anthem and you're looking to hit level 30, here's the fastest way to level.
General · 16. February 2019
Here's how to get the Legion of Dawn gear, weapon and armor in Anthem.
General · 15. February 2019
This Anthem Must Know Tips, Tricks, and Secrets guide will help out all new and veteren Anthem players.
General · 14. February 2019
Early Access starts on Friday the 15th at 9am Central Time. Click below to convert to your timezone.

General · 13. February 2019
The graphic above shows all abilities, primers and detonators. Visit the Guides section for more info and builds. Source: Reddit

General · 11. February 2019
BioWare talks about PvP and future Events.
General · 10. February 2019
BioWare answered lots of questions. This video recaps the most important topics.
General · 08. February 2019
There will be plenty to do after finishing the main story if you want to collect all achievements.
General · 08. February 2019
Exploring the struggles and triumphs of Anthem development – and a tease of future plans.
General · 07. February 2019
Ability Info Graphics by Construct_Zero.

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