General · 22. June 2019
Patch 1.2.1 includes some new armor packs and wraps which should arrive in the store soon.

General · 18. June 2019
Servers will be going down on June 18th for about 2 hours, starting at 9 AM Central Time. (16:00-18:00 CET) Game Update 1.2.1 will be rolled out and includes some fixes and updates for future content (the Cataclysm). Patch notes can be found below.
General · 01. June 2019
If you are an EA Access member sign in to the game to unlock a new vinyl.

General · 30. May 2019
The latest game update had lots of hidden things inside. Anthem Archive posted screenshots of datamined armor, wraps and files about the Cataclysm. Tge cataclysm seems to involve lots of new freeplay events with strange crystals including new enemies like a crystal Ursix. But it's all data mined and subject to change. Below are images of things to expect in the store soon.

General · 29. May 2019
Some websites and recent videos are talking about possible leaked updates for Anthem coming soon. They include new Strongholds, bugfixes, quality of life improvements, a new level cap, the new mastery system (talents), new story and lore, new loot system, balance changes and maybe even a new Javelin. Nothing is proved, yet. But we hope BioWare is showing new things at EA Play / E3 very soon.

General · 25. April 2019
The latest patch added the fourth stronghold to Anthem. The guide will show you how to get through each level, how to solve the puzzles and take a closer look at the boss and it's mechanics.

General · 24. April 2019
So it appears we'll be receiving melee weapons in the future, plus new armors and skins! Thanks to Anthem Archive, we get an indication of what's possibly coming up in Anthem's near future. Featuring gameplay of the new Sunken Stronghold with the Ranger. Source: Open World Games

General · 11. March 2019
Anthem may get some new armor packs soon. 5 new sets found in game files.
General · 09. March 2019
If you need some help with Strongholds there are some tips and an overview of all objectives in this walkthroughs.
General · 09. March 2019
Patch 1.0.3 added new universal masterwork components with new effects and mechanics.

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