Cataclysm Weekly Update

Changes for this week:

Cataclysm “Echoes of Reality” Changes:


• “Sea of Takaro” Event  - This week, we introduce the final arena into the Cataclysm, which is located in the “Dark Passage” district. The main goal of the “Sea of Takaro” event is to carry 3 echoes to the echo consoles at the top of the water tunnel to disable the emitter field. Similar to other events, you’ll want to keep an eye on the light solutions in the puzzle to see if you’re going about it the right way. Pressure plates, echoes, a water tunnel and spawns of Wolves and  Dominion Soldiers are all part of this one. These arenas are all optional before you take on Vara, but you’ll definitely need to complete them if you’re looking to put up a high score and top the leaderboards.

• Inversions Changes - You’ll want to take to the skies with this week’s Inversion changes:

• From the Skies: Heat build-up while hovering is decreased.

• Air Support: Defeating an enemy while hovering grants increased damage while on the ground for a short time; stacks up to 5 times.


Seasonal Store Refresh:


• War Chest: Ranger, War Chest: Interceptor, War Chest: Storm & War Chest: Colossus (New) - These new War Chests will cost you more Crystals to open (2 Major + 100 Minor), but eliminate the possibility of getting a piece for a non preferred suit by granting a javelin specific item. Each chest will include 1 Gear, Support or Melee piece for the javelin of that War Chest. As a reminder, all War Chests allow you to trade in Crystals for a Masterwork item (with a chance to roll Legendary). The chests are also the only way to acquire the lvl 66 MW and lvl 80 LEG items.

• War Chest: Weapon(Returning) - Grants one item from the new pool of weapons (which include MW and LEG variants): Pulse Accelerators, Volt Casters andBlade Slingers. These weapons are not javelin specific, so they can be used across all suits. (If you’re just jumping in or want more details on the new weapons, check out the 1.3.0 Update Notes)

• War Chest: Gear (Returning)- Grants one Gear piece for a random javelin.

• War Chest: Melee(Returning) - Grants one Melee weapon for a random javelin.

• War Chest: Support(Returning) - Grants one Support gear piece for a random javelin.

• Also Returning to the Seasonal Store:

• Fragmenter Armor Pack(Ranger)

• Piercer Armor Pack(Interceptor)

• Shatter Armor Pack(Colossus)

• Shard Torrent Armor Pack (Storm)

• Drummer Boy (Ranger Arrival Emote)

• Kung Fu Bring It(Interceptor Arrival Emote)

• Triple Axel (Storm Arrival Emote)

• Entry Roar (Colossus Arrival Emote)

• Wrap: Royal Fragment

• Wrap: Fractured Twilight

• Graphic: Radiant Burst

• Graphic: Emerald Husk

• Graphic: Harmonic Crest

• Graphic: Night Lattice

• Decal: Crystal's Rage

• Decal: Crystal's Strength

• Decal: Crystal's Grace

• Decal: Guard Sheen

• Decal: Parry Sheen

• Decal: Strike Sheen

• Leather: Shark Skin

• Painted: Shiny Acrylic


Daily Cataclysm Challenge:


• Daily Cataclysm Arenas Challenge: Javelin War Chest - These challenges granted a Weapon in week four, and now they will reward you with a new javelin specific War Chest (Storm, Ranger, Colossus and Interceptor). Once again, these items within the Chests will be Masterwork (lvl 66) with a chance to roll Legendary (lvl 80). Each one of these can be repeated daily.

• Power of the Storm(Daily) - Complete 3 Cataclysm arenas using the Storm javelin and be rewarded with one Storm War Chest.

• Heart of the Ranger(Daily) - Complete 3 Cataclysm arenas using the Ranger javelin and be rewarded with one Ranger War Chest.

• Strength of the Colossus(Daily) - Complete 3 Cataclysm arenas using the Colossus javelin and be rewarded with one Colossus War Chest

• Speed of the Interceptor(Daily) - Complete 3 Cataclysm arenas using the Interceptor javelin and be rewarded with one Interceptor War Chest.


NOTE: These are in addition to the other rotating Daily, Weekly and Monthly challenges, so keep an eye on your Path to Glory tab in the Challenges menu.

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