Store · 25. June 2019
Today we got 2 brand new wraps.

General · 22. June 2019
Patch 1.2.1 includes some new armor packs and wraps which should arrive in the store soon.

Store · 21. June 2019
The store has 2 brand new items this time. One material (silk) and one vinyl. If you missed the armor packs there is one for the Ranger and Interceptor.

Store · 18. June 2019
New items today: one emote and the leather snake skin material. 🐍

General · 18. June 2019
Servers will be going down on June 18th for about 2 hours, starting at 9 AM Central Time. (16:00-18:00 CET) Game Update 1.2.1 will be rolled out and includes some fixes and updates for future content (the Cataclysm). Patch notes can be found below.
Store · 14. June 2019
Finally a new Storm Armor and one new material. 🌩️😍

Store · 11. June 2019
Two new items today. A wrap and a vinyl.

From BioWare · 09. June 2019
Anthem PC players can join the Public Test Server for an advance look at the first elements of a Cataclysm

Store · 07. June 2019
Many returning items this time. We got one new material and one vinyl.

Store · 04. June 2019
This update brings a new wrap, a new Emote and one Material.

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