Store · 16. August 2019
Two new armor packs, one Emote, a victory pose and one material are new.

General · 16. August 2019
Below are some helpful videos to maximize your score to get lots of crystals. Videos by VengefulTorture and ChaosprimeZ YT. Text guide by
Store · 13. August 2019
We got a new wrap, emote, victory pose and material today.

Events · 13. August 2019
Here are the changes and new items for week 2 of the Cataclysm.

General · 10. August 2019
Want to play together? Join or create a guild with the new official Anthem app for iOS and Android.
Store · 09. August 2019
This update added a new armor pack for Storm and Ranger, one Emote and a new decal.

General · 07. August 2019
If you need help with the different cataclysm events here are some great video guides by GameAndReload and ChaosprimeZ YT.

General · 06. August 2019
The Cataclysm update is now live! Download the patch and jump into the game to finish brand new challenges, new story missions and events. Use the new crystal currency to buy seasonal items in the new store tab. Patchnotes can be found at the bottom.

Store · 06. August 2019
No new items this week.

General · 04. August 2019
ChaosprimeZ and GameAndReload made a complete Cataclysm guide video. If you don't mind some spoilers and want to finish all events as soon as possibble you can watch the video below. There is still no release date for the Cataclysm but the test servers are closed and it should arrive soon.

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