From BioWare · 21. February 2019
The game releases on Feb. 22 at 12am / midnight in each timezone.
From BioWare · 20. February 2019
Patchnotes for the upcoming Day One Patch on Feb. 22nd.
From BioWare · 20. February 2019
There will be a new dev stream today at 3pm Central Time. Topics are the Day-One Patch and content coming next month.
App Updates · 20. February 2019
We added several new guides and maps. Some of them are about farming the best items, Anthem's Loot Cave, Coins and maps for farming chests.* The newest guides are on top but we will reorganize the page very soon. *BioWare recently reduced the chance of finding high level loot in non-event chests.
App Updates · 19. February 2019
✔️ There's a known issue with comments and the custom website where you can't enter text in input fields properly. I'm working on a hotfix which should be available later today. Just submitted the hotfix to Google Play. It should be available soon. v1.3.1.0 - temporarily disabled landscape mode to fix an issue with input fields and forms (comments and custom website)
App Updates · 19. February 2019
We added translations for News, Guides, Cortex (Lore) and LFG (Looking for Group) for English, German, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. It's not perfect and we are still looking for a better way to implement it, but we hope it will help our foreign speaking users. Future updates will add new translations for the UI.
Freelancer Chat · 18. February 2019
Destin, Dantics, and Arekkz talk about their impressions of the full game that they've been playing on PC!
General · 18. February 2019
Once you complete the campaign in Anthem and you're looking to hit level 30, here's the fastest way to level.
App Updates · 16. February 2019
We updated the Guides and Cortex sections and added new guides, maps for chest spawn locations and a link to the first item database for Anthem. More content will be added over the next days.
General · 16. February 2019
Here's how to get the Legion of Dawn gear, weapon and armor in Anthem.

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