Store · 19. July 2019
This update brings a new Colossus armor pack and one metal material.

Events · 19. July 2019
It seems like the Cataclysm pre-event has finally started. Three new challenges are available in Free Play.

Store · 17. July 2019
There are two new vinyls in this update.

Store · 12. July 2019
New items today include a new Ranger armor, one Emote and a new cloth material.

Store · 09. July 2019
We got two new wraps today.

Store · 05. July 2019
Finally new armor packs for the Ranger and Interceptor! And one new leather material. 🥰

General · 02. July 2019
There's a new video with the leads from Apex Legends, Battlefield V, and Anthem talking about what it's like building games and how the industry has changed over the years. Check out the full video below.
Store · 01. July 2019
This update brought us 2 new Wraps, 1 Decal and 1 Emote. EA Access members get another free decal in the rewards tab. 👍

Store · 28. June 2019
New items today include one victory pose and two materials.

Store · 25. June 2019
Today we got 2 brand new wraps.

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