Store · 24. May 2019
We got a new Ranger armor, one victory pose, a new vinyl and a decal. The material and Colossus armor was already available in the past.

Store · 21. May 2019
Two new wraps, a new victory pose and two new materials.

Store · 17. May 2019
We got a new Storm Armor, a colorful wrap, a decal, one victory pose and a new material.

Store · 14. May 2019
We got two new wraps, a new victory pose and a new material.

Store · 10. May 2019
This time we get a new wrap, Ranger armor, the bunny emote, a new decal and a new shiny material.

Store · 07. May 2019
A new store update.

From BioWare · 07. May 2019
Below are the update notes for patch 1.1.1, which will be rolling out tomorrow (May 7th) at 10am Central Time. There will be no down time associated with this update, however you will need to close the game to download the patch.
Store · 03. May 2019
This update brings a brand jew armor for the Colossus, a new victory pose and one material. If you are am EA Access or Origin member you get a free decal under "Rewards" in the store.

Store · 01. May 2019
Old Armor, a new Emote, a big wrap vinyl, a normal vinyl and two new materials this time.

Store · 26. April 2019
Two new armor packs, one new victory pose, one new material and two decals.

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