Store · 11. September 2019
Here are the new store items.

Store · 31. August 2019
New items for this update.

Store · 27. August 2019
New items in the store!

Store · 23. August 2019
Here are the new featured items.

Store · 16. August 2019
Two new armor packs, one Emote, a victory pose and one material are new.

Store · 13. August 2019
We got a new wrap, emote, victory pose and material today.

Store · 09. August 2019
This update added a new armor pack for Storm and Ranger, one Emote and a new decal.

Store · 06. August 2019
No new items this week.

Store · 02. August 2019
The store has two armor packs this week but no new items. But EA Access members can get a free decal from the rewards tab in the store.

Store · 30. July 2019
One new white/red wrap today! Don't forget to take a look at the upcoming wraps, materials and armor packs in the Cataclysm leak!

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