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From BioWare · 14. February 2019
In the first episode of Suiting Up, IGN takes a deep dive into the origins of Anthem with the developers from Bioware.
General · 16. January 2019
The Hidden Depths mission from start to finish edited for pacing, but rolling in with a three man team of the Interceptor, Storm, and Colossus javelins. Source: IGN

General · 15. January 2019
A first look at the Story space in Anthem, the characters you'll meet, and the systems that'll be available while you're exploring Fort Tarsis. Source: IGN
General · 11. January 2019
An early look at Anthem Freeplay Expeditions where you can explore the world to find world events, lore items, bosses, and more. Source: IGN
General · 09. January 2019
Source: IGN A deep dive into the Interceptor Javelin in Anthem and the ability combinations that'll likely make it a favorite for fans of speed and agility.
General · 07. January 2019
A deep dive into the Storm Javelin in Anthem and the ability combinations that make it an incredibly powerful p option when going into open world gameplay missions.