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General · 22. June 2019
Patch 1.2.1 includes some new armor packs and wraps which should arrive in the store soon.

General · 13. February 2019
The graphic above shows all abilities, primers and detonators. Visit the Guides section for more info and builds. Source: Reddit

General · 07. February 2019
Ability Info Graphics by Construct_Zero.

General · 09. January 2019
Source: IGN A deep dive into the Interceptor Javelin in Anthem and the ability combinations that'll likely make it a favorite for fans of speed and agility.
General · 08. January 2019
Source: Sly Nation In this video, we take a deep dive into all 4 Javelin's and check out EVERY ability we know of so far. Each Exosuit has 2 intrinsic abilities, 3 core ability slots (5 choices per slot), and an ultimate. Hopefully, this gives you a better understanding of which Javelin you want to check out on day 1!

General · 07. January 2019
Source: Ryan Central Check out new Interceptor gameplay and impressions from Ryan Central from the Playtest in Stockholm.