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General · 30. May 2019
The latest game update had lots of hidden things inside. Anthem Archive posted screenshots of datamined armor, wraps and files about the Cataclysm. Tge cataclysm seems to involve lots of new freeplay events with strange crystals including new enemies like a crystal Ursix. But it's all data mined and subject to change. Below are images of things to expect in the store soon.

General · 29. May 2019
Some websites and recent videos are talking about possible leaked updates for Anthem coming soon. They include new Strongholds, bugfixes, quality of life improvements, a new level cap, the new mastery system (talents), new story and lore, new loot system, balance changes and maybe even a new Javelin. Nothing is proved, yet. But we hope BioWare is showing new things at EA Play / E3 very soon.

General · 13. February 2019
The graphic above shows all abilities, primers and detonators. Visit the Guides section for more info and builds. Source: Reddit

General · 07. February 2019
Ability Info Graphics by Construct_Zero.

General · 12. January 2019
User carpeggio on Reddit posted a nice chart of all damage types and abilities.

General · 10. January 2019
Source: Anthem Universe A cool self made Trailer for the Colossus Javelin.
General · 09. January 2019
Source: IGN A deep dive into the Interceptor Javelin in Anthem and the ability combinations that'll likely make it a favorite for fans of speed and agility.
General · 08. January 2019
Source: Sly Nation In this video, we take a deep dive into all 4 Javelin's and check out EVERY ability we know of so far. Each Exosuit has 2 intrinsic abilities, 3 core ability slots (5 choices per slot), and an ultimate. Hopefully, this gives you a better understanding of which Javelin you want to check out on day 1!

General · 07. January 2019
Source: Ryan Central Check out new Interceptor gameplay and impressions from Ryan Central from the Playtest in Stockholm.

General · 07. January 2019
A deep dive into the Storm Javelin in Anthem and the ability combinations that make it an incredibly powerful p option when going into open world gameplay missions.

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