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General · 30. July 2019
There are many new datamined wraps, materials and armor packs. It seems some of them, including the new crystal armor, will be available via the Cataclysm event and not in the store. 👍
General · 01. June 2019
If you are an EA Access member sign in to the game to unlock a new vinyl.

Store · 15. March 2019
Two of the recently leaked Scar themed armor sets are now available in the store. New items include 2 armor packs, 2 materials (cloth and metal), 1 decal and a landing animation for the Ranger.

Store · 12. March 2019
New featured store items: - Armor: Shrike Armor Pack (Interceptor) - End of Exp. Animation: Make it Rain - Landing Animation: Training Day (Interceptor) - Material: Hardened Metal 2 - Graphic: First Watch - Decal: Skyfire

General · 11. March 2019
Anthem may get some new armor packs soon. 5 new sets found in game files.