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General · 25. April 2019
The latest patch added the fourth stronghold to Anthem. The guide will show you how to get through each level, how to solve the puzzles and take a closer look at the boss and it's mechanics.

General · 09. March 2019
If you need some help with Strongholds there are some tips and an overview of all objectives in this walkthroughs.
08. March 2019
Chris King (Gameplay Design Director) & Darrin McPherson (Lead Gameplay Producer) shared some information about how Inscriptions work in Anthem. We added the details to our Guides section.

App Updates · 03. March 2019
We have added lots of new guides and builds for every Javelin and a a few more lore videos. More will be added in the coming week. The builds are on a separate page now and the next app update will have new shortcut buttons to access guides and builds.
General · 23. February 2019
Some nice video guides for new players.
App Updates · 20. February 2019
We added several new guides and maps. Some of them are about farming the best items, Anthem's Loot Cave, Coins and maps for farming chests.* The newest guides are on top but we will reorganize the page very soon. *BioWare recently reduced the chance of finding high level loot in non-event chests.
General · 18. February 2019
Once you complete the campaign in Anthem and you're looking to hit level 30, here's the fastest way to level.
App Updates · 16. February 2019
We updated the Guides and Cortex sections and added new guides, maps for chest spawn locations and a link to the first item database for Anthem. More content will be added over the next days.
General · 15. February 2019
This Anthem Must Know Tips, Tricks, and Secrets guide will help out all new and veteren Anthem players.

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