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General · 19. August 2019
Below are some helpful videos to maximize your score to get lots of crystals. Videos by VengefulTorture and ChaosprimeZ YT. Text guide by
General · 07. August 2019
If you need help with the different cataclysm events here are some great video guides by GameAndReload and ChaosprimeZ YT.

General · 04. August 2019
ChaosprimeZ and GameAndReload made a complete Cataclysm guide video. If you don't mind some spoilers and want to finish all events as soon as possibble you can watch the video below. There is still no release date for the Cataclysm but the test servers are closed and it should arrive soon.

General · 25. April 2019
The latest patch added the fourth stronghold to Anthem. The guide will show you how to get through each level, how to solve the puzzles and take a closer look at the boss and it's mechanics.

General · 09. March 2019
If you need some help with Strongholds there are some tips and an overview of all objectives in this walkthroughs.
08. March 2019
Chris King (Gameplay Design Director) & Darrin McPherson (Lead Gameplay Producer) shared some information about how Inscriptions work in Anthem. We added the details to our Guides section.

App Updates · 03. March 2019
We have added lots of new guides and builds for every Javelin and a a few more lore videos. More will be added in the coming week. The builds are on a separate page now and the next app update will have new shortcut buttons to access guides and builds.
General · 23. February 2019
Some nice video guides for new players.
App Updates · 20. February 2019
We added several new guides and maps. Some of them are about farming the best items, Anthem's Loot Cave, Coins and maps for farming chests.* The newest guides are on top but we will reorganize the page very soon. *BioWare recently reduced the chance of finding high level loot in non-event chests.
General · 18. February 2019
Once you complete the campaign in Anthem and you're looking to hit level 30, here's the fastest way to level.

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