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Store · 29. March 2019
Two new armor packs, a new victory pose and two new materials! 🐲

Freelancer Chat · 19. March 2019
Anthem has been available for one month. Here's the current state of the game and what's good, bad, and dire.
From BioWare · 19. March 2019
Join @Darokaz and a special guest this Wednesday at 1PM PT/3PM CT as they show some new content and talk about the next update coming to #AnthemGame. Tune in and watch here: or
From BioWare · 15. March 2019
BioWare made sone changes to improve droprates for Masterworks and Legendaries.
Store · 15. March 2019
Two of the recently leaked Scar themed armor sets are now available in the store. New items include 2 armor packs, 2 materials (cloth and metal), 1 decal and a landing animation for the Ranger.

Events · 13. March 2019
A new Free Play event called "Beasts of the Field" is available now.
Store · 12. March 2019
New featured store items: - Armor: Shrike Armor Pack (Interceptor) - End of Exp. Animation: Make it Rain - Landing Animation: Training Day (Interceptor) - Material: Hardened Metal 2 - Graphic: First Watch - Decal: Skyfire

General · 11. March 2019
Anthem may get some new armor packs soon. 5 new sets found in game files.
10. March 2019
This week we talk all about the latest in Anthem including some of the 300 fixes, why so much hate is still coming for the game, and the future updates we hope for.

General · 09. March 2019
If you need some help with Strongholds there are some tips and an overview of all objectives in this walkthroughs.

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