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31. May 2019
The stream yesterday showcased the new Cataclysm region and they explained how the event will work and what rewards will be available.

General · 29. May 2019
Some websites and recent videos are talking about possible leaked updates for Anthem coming soon. They include new Strongholds, bugfixes, quality of life improvements, a new level cap, the new mastery system (talents), new story and lore, new loot system, balance changes and maybe even a new Javelin. Nothing is proved, yet. But we hope BioWare is showing new things at EA Play / E3 very soon.

From BioWare · 28. February 2019
Ben Irving shared details about the upcoming loot changes on Feb. 28 / March 1st. The loot changes are live now!
App Updates · 20. February 2019
We added several new guides and maps. Some of them are about farming the best items, Anthem's Loot Cave, Coins and maps for farming chests.* The newest guides are on top but we will reorganize the page very soon. *BioWare recently reduced the chance of finding high level loot in non-event chests.
From BioWare · 17. January 2019
Update: Stream is over now. Click on the radio button in the main menu above to view streams.
General · 09. January 2019
Source: P3t3 TT Details about loot, rarities, crafting and inscriptions.
General · 05. January 2019
Anthem: ENEMY SCALING Details + POWER Slot Configuration REVEALED...!

From BioWare · 26. December 2018
Lead Producer Ben Irving went live on Twitch to share more details on progression and gear.