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Freelancer Chat · 19. March 2019
Anthem has been available for one month. Here's the current state of the game and what's good, bad, and dire.
10. March 2019
This week we talk all about the latest in Anthem including some of the 300 fixes, why so much hate is still coming for the game, and the future updates we hope for.

Freelancer Chat · 06. March 2019
Description: This week there was a controversial ban of streamer xGladd that has a lot of people talking, but we also discuss our end game builds and Travis Day from Diablo 3 fame joins to talk about loot!
Freelancer Chat · 25. February 2019
Today we're looking at the roadmap going forward as Anthem comes out of a critical opening launch week. Destin, Arekkz, and Dantics dive in.
Freelancer Chat · 18. February 2019
Destin, Dantics, and Arekkz talk about their impressions of the full game that they've been playing on PC!
Freelancer Chat · 12. February 2019
Destin, Dantics, and Arekkz talk about what to expect when the full game hits in 5 days! Watch live 11am Sundays at
Freelancer Chat · 05. February 2019
Impressions of "Temple of the Scar", what Endgame holds in store and whether or not PvP will make a difference.
Freelancer Chat · 29. January 2019
Arekkz and Datto join Destin to discuss the latest about Anthem.

Freelancer Chat · 28. January 2019
Arekkz, Dantics, and Destin sit down to discuss Anthem's strongest gameplay mechanics so far and what the future holds.