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General · 16. October 2019
Season of the Skulls and more!
General · 04. September 2019
Here are the changes for the latest update.
General · 06. August 2019
The Cataclysm update is now live! Download the patch and jump into the game to finish brand new challenges, new story missions and events. Use the new crystal currency to buy seasonal items in the new store tab. Patchnotes can be found at the bottom.

General · 18. June 2019
Servers will be going down on June 18th for about 2 hours, starting at 9 AM Central Time. (16:00-18:00 CET) Game Update 1.2.1 will be rolled out and includes some fixes and updates for future content (the Cataclysm). Patch notes can be found below.
From BioWare · 29. May 2019
Here are the full notes for game update 1.2.0 which is available now.
From BioWare · 23. April 2019
The Sunken Cell stronghold and various fixes
From BioWare · 09. March 2019
Jesse from Bioware postet the patch notes of the 1.0.3 update and it's coming today!
From BioWare · 20. February 2019
Patchnotes for the upcoming Day One Patch on Feb. 22nd.