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From BioWare · 07. May 2019
Below are the update notes for patch 1.1.1, which will be rolling out tomorrow (May 7th) at 10am Central Time. There will be no down time associated with this update, however you will need to close the game to download the patch.
From BioWare · 23. April 2019
The Sunken Cell stronghold and various fixes
From BioWare · 15. March 2019
BioWare made sone changes to improve droprates for Masterworks and Legendaries.
From BioWare · 09. March 2019
Jesse from Bioware postet the patch notes of the 1.0.3 update and it's coming today!
Store · 08. March 2019
New featured items arrived in the store.

From BioWare · 06. March 2019
There will be a new developer stream at 1PM PT/3PM CT. Tune in to the Anthem livestream as @BenIrvo discusses the next update while playing through a Legendary Mission. Watch on: or
App Updates · 03. March 2019
We have added lots of new guides and builds for every Javelin and a a few more lore videos. More will be added in the coming week. The builds are on a separate page now and the next app update will have new shortcut buttons to access guides and builds.
From BioWare · 28. February 2019
Ben Irving shared details about the upcoming loot changes on Feb. 28 / March 1st. The loot changes are live now!
From BioWare · 23. February 2019
A small patch to fix sone issues and possible exploits is coming at 7am Central Time (14:00 CET) today.
From BioWare · 23. February 2019
by Chad Robertson, Head of Live Service

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